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I am afraid that Chubbs had it wrong in Happy Gilmore.  He was right about so much of life, golf and the horrible nature of alligators, but when it comes to weightlifting, the mantra “it’s all in the hips” just isn’t correct.

No, weightlifting isn’t “all about the hips” it is all about those hips and knees.

If you jump forward on a lot of lifts or just  want to see what I am talking about, check it out below in this short video.



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This week on the Performance Podcast we have sport scientist with PUSH strength, Matt Kuzdub. Push is a revolutionary new product that allows coaches and athletes to track velocity, power output, force output and more in their training sessions.

Matt and I talk about velocity based training to improve your performance. Using Push to track readiness, and decide if you’re on the right training program.

Stuff we talked about:

Eccentric Utilization Ratio (EUR)

Reactive Strength Index (RSI)

Check out a PUSH Band

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On this special 5oth episode, Dos and I talk with the crew that started it all. Our epic text message chain friends,  Josh Henkin, and Chad Skrederstu about the current state of the fitness industry, how to spot fake trainers, and what the future holds for our fitness industry.



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Coach DOS

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Coach Dos is back, and better than ever. In this episode we discuss strength training for female athletes, the differences between men and women, and motivation for groups of female athletes…(Hint: Female athletes ROCK!)

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On this episode I speak with the Jassim and Khaled, the guys behind Kinetik SC. 

Kinetik is a Bahrain based company established for the purpose of providing quality strength and conditioning equipment and education to contribute to the development of the strength and conditioning field in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the MENA region.