Coach Dos is back, and better than ever. In this episode we discuss strength training for female athletes, the differences between men and women, and motivation for groups of female athletes…(Hint: Female athletes ROCK!)

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On this episode I speak with the Jassim and Khaled, the guys behind Kinetik SC. 

Kinetik is a Bahrain based company established for the purpose of providing quality strength and conditioning equipment and education to contribute to the development of the strength and conditioning field in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the MENA region.

On this episode of the Performance Podcast we have Ben Bruno.

Ben is a trainer, coach, and author. He currently is a trainer in California to celebrities and athletes.


Links we talked about in the podcast.

Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning

Ben’s work on T-Nation

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This episode features guest Steve Maxwell.

Things we talked about in the show:

A great and longer interview with Steve on LONDON REAL

Steve on the Joe Rogan Experience

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I am pretty weary of the “squat debate” that has taken place on the internet recently. I think the points of contention that are generating blog posts ad nausem are pretty petty and small. So this post can serve to end that debate, and we can move onto better topics.

The problem, with the debate, is that internet trainers are talking about “a lift” and not a movement. If we were actually talking about the movement of the squat, we wouldn’t be saying stuff like “knees out” and “wide stance” or “oly stance” (ugh, writing oly hurts me a bit).

No, if we were talking about the movement of a squat, we would be talking about stance and mechanics that would allow us to do it across disciplines, and in broader uses like resting in a squat, and the other popular use for a squat stance (insert poop joke here).

The video below is a framework for how we teach a squat, not the back squat, the front squat, the goblet squat, etc. No we are not teaching a lift, we are teaching a movement, and that’s where most people are getting it wrong.

*This is also a perfect way to squat if you are an Olympic lifter, there is immediate carryover from one lift to the other.

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