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IMG_3063It’s been almost 6 months since I was last here with an update. I go back and forth about whether I should apologize or just ignore it. has become a dead blog, but I am here to give you my plan on how it will be brought back to life in the next year.

First I will give you reasons that I didn’t end up posting much in 2015 (I like to call them reasons but some might call them excuses), and then give you my plan for 2016.


2015 in review

  • I spent the last 7 months of 2015 learning what it is like and how to be a dad (it’s awesome). Including holding a newborn for the first time, and changing my first diaper (nothing like on the job training).
  • In October we opened what I believe to be the coolest gym in the country, it’s such an upgrade over what Force 1.0 that I would be remiss to call the new gym Force 2.0.
  • My wife Ashley left her job at a medical device company to come work at the gym with me (also awesome).
  • I competed in a couple weightlifting meets with little to no actual training, which can be extremely bad for one’s ego.
  • I wrote and had published a pretty awesome book on weightlifting (Complete Olympic Lifting Handbook), but it might have taken all the words that I have in my body, at least for the year.
  • I contributed to one of the most awesome e-books around on Long Term athletic development with the IYCA.
  • I did 10 seminars (in 4 countries), and even got the chance to speak and coach at the Olympic Training Center.

In short, I had these competing things at home (the physical world) that made reaching a wider audience (the digital world) really difficult, and 100 times out of 100 I will choose the things at home.

My Plans for 2016

I’m excited for 2016 and there are a lot of reasons why. First of all, #dadlife is pretty freaking cool. Some other reasons below.

  • I will actually write again. This time with a PLAN.  The internet is a great place, full of awesome information, but with the explosion of weightlifting popularity, there is some silly info out there, I hope to provide some non-silly info.
  • Each month I will have a minimum of 4 posts per month, with a combination of written posts, video posts and podcasts. The initial plan is to do a written post the first week of the month, a video post the second week of the month, a sample program (or something from my current program) the third week, and the final week of the month post a brand new Performance Podcast.
  • I’ll probably add some other topics outside of just straight weightlifting all the time, general program design, athlete training, and long term athletic development (but for the most part you can count on me to stay in my lane).
  • I will be competing a couple times in weightlifting again, with the goal of finally hitting a 300 kg total in competition (right now I’ve only done it in training) and at a bodyweight of 85kg.
  • I am going to re-open up my online training program to accept more individuals looking to improve as weightlifters (right now I cap it at about 8-9 people, but will be expanding that number by a few).

There are plenty of other things that I am pretty excited about, but aren’t concrete enough for me to put them out here right now with deadlines and details (seminars, DVD’s, website updates, etc). Suffice to say, 2016 is going to rock.


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  • Quercus

    Glad you’re back. Fire up the podcast too! You always have the most clear headed and non-hyped advice out there. If your boy is just getting ready to walk though…see you in 2017. Thanks!