Olympic Lifting for Hypertrophy

The traditional model says that Olympic lifting is all for strength and power, but what if I gave you a way to use Olympic lifting to develop monstrous traps, a freeway wide back, and quads like a T-Rex? Here’s how you can get big and jacked like an O lifter.

Commercial Gym Power
The quickest way to being a more powerful athlete is to add Olympic lifts, but sometimes your gym just doesn’t have the tools or the coaching. Don’t get stuck in those situations, try out these replacement movements that are will bring you nearly the same benefits without the weird looks.

10 Movements for Explosive Power
Sometimes you just need to have some variation. Training for power doesn’t have to mean endless sets of power cleans. If you need some variation in your program, try some of these butt-kicking alternatives.

Brutal Complexes
There isn’t a more effective tool to crank the metabolism, or crush the end of your workout than the complex. Here are 3 killers, that will leave you looking for the exit after your first set.

Olympic Lifting Made Simple
You want to know the programs that I use to get ready for Olympic lifting competition? Well here you go, and this one is not a time killer, get to the point and get strong with this proven program.

6 Snatch Mistakes
The snatch is one beautiful lift if you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately there are more than a few mistakes that nearly everyone makes. Learn from my mistakes and knock these 6 most common mistakes out before you even step on the platform.

Changing Views on Training Concepts
Things aren’t always as they seemed just a very short time ago. What do I think about the controversies surrounding foam rolling, icing, and anaerobic conditioning. I will tell you exactly what I think.

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