It’s (Not) all in the hips: Weightlifting Mistake


It’s not all about the hips (Via

I am afraid that Chubbs had it wrong in Happy Gilmore.  He was right about so much of life, golf and the horrible nature of alligators, but when it comes to weightlifting, the mantra “it’s all in the hips” just isn’t correct.

No, weightlifting isn’t “all about the hips” it is all about those hips and knees.

If you jump forward on a lot of lifts or just  want to see what I am talking about, check it out below in this short video.



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  • Shane Mclean

    never thought about this too now. Good tip Will

  • Matt Jennings

    Excellent tip, coach. You definitely went over this in your seminar (killer presentation btw)…The extend the knee AND hip is a que we need to remember because it is commonly overlooked esp. with beginner lifters. P.S. I’m sharing the video on my page ; ) Keep sending your awesome stuff, Wil-MJ

  • chasecarlson34

    Wow, great tip, coach! What are your thoughts on the weightlifting wraps here?!weightlifting-gear/c1vit

  • Thanks for the video! I am relatively new to Olympic lifting, but I seen the benefits and started learning to incorporate them.

    I find I struggle with extending all three fluidly. Several times I have bruised up my knees or hips in the process.