Weightlifting Technique Poster



If you are a visual learner, or work with visual learners this poster is a perfect addition to your training space. You can easily add this item to your arsenal to have a resource on hand to easily correct mistakes.

Right now only this poster is on sale for only $10.00 through Cyber Monday (11/27/17)

The wilfleming.com Olympic Weightlifting technique poster is a brief guide to showing you exactly the positions you should hit in your lifts and even delivers helpful coaching cues during each phase of the lifts. This poster features both angled and profile views so you can sharpen your eye to look at the lifts in an even more complete way. These posters measure 24″x36″

You can purchase a printed version of this weightlifting poster for only $25.00 10.00 + 6.95 S&H (Currently we are unable to ship internationally or even to Canada).



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