In an online program design/coaching program with Wil Fleming (me) you will receive:

  • Monthly programming delivered to you
  • Weekly video review of your lifts
  • Access to our private facebook group where you can share with my other online clients and get even more feedback.
  • I require a minimum 3 month commitment so that we can make some big changes in your lifts.
  • All this for $179 per month.

If you are interested in online program design/coaching BUY BELOW (remember you are committing for 3 months then month to month commitment after the first 3 months) or have further questions, please Contact Me.

PRINTED 24″x36″ POSTER - $15 + $6.95 SHIPPING

The wilfleming.com Olympic Weightlifting technique poster is a brief guide to showing you exactly the positions you should hit in your lifts and even delivers helpful coaching cues during each phase of the lifts. This poster features both angled and profile views so you can sharpen your eye to look at the lifts in an even more complete way. These posters measure 24″x36″

You can purchase a printed version of this weightlifting poster for only $15.00 + $6.95 S&H (Currently we are unable to ship internationally or even to Canada).


The Olympic lifts are broken down on how to perform and teach them. Coach Wil Fleming also goes into detail with common errors and corrections of the Olympic lifts, showing you the best way to optimally execute the lifts. Best of all, Coach Fleming gives you sample programs so you know exactly how to train and get the most out of the Olympic lifts.

It’s a great resource not only for yourself to become a stronger Olympic lifting coach (and help develop more explosive athletes) in the weightroom but also for your staff so they can improve their knowledge and skills to this technical and important training tool. The Complete Olympic Lifting Handbook is the ultimate Olympic lifting guide for coaches, trainers and athletes.