LMW seminars are coming to you.

I struggled to come up with a name, or whether I should come up with a name for the seminar/clinic series I have begun doing over the last several months, but then it came to me. Lift More Weight.

Plain and simple concept, but a lot of technique has to go into making this a reality. In a Lift More Weight seminar, we will go over all that I know so you can start cleaning more, snatching more, jerking more weight.

Wil is my GO TO guy when it comes to the Olympic Lifts. I have learned Oly lifts from some of the best in the world and I can say with 100% confidence that his courses are hands-down the best learning resource you will find on this subject.

 When Wil Fleming talks Olympic Lifts… better be listening!

Robert Dos Remedios

Best Selling Author, Director of Strength and Conditioning, College of the Canyons”

My unique training and teaching systems for for Olympic lifters AND for athletes using the Olympic lifts has been used by dozens of athletic teams, and 100’s of competitive lifters, and CrossFit athletes to achieve their best results ever.

At an Olympic lifting clinic with me you will learn:

  • How to Use the Olympic Lifts to Develop Better Athletes
  • To Coach and Learn the Lifts Safely, Even In Large Groups
  • Screening and Correcting for the Right Mobility in O Lifts
  • Certain Positions Give You An ADVANTAGE Over Heavy Weights
  • Programming to Continuously PR

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My seminars are perfect for, and have been hosted in CrossFit boxes, personal training gyms, athletic performance centers, and high school teams. Whether you are looking to become a competitive lifter or just improve athleticism I will tailor the seminar to your and your gym’s needs.

If you are interested in a seminar, please use the contact form below to let me know and then we can work on developing the best seminar for your team/athletes/clients.

I look forward to helping you Lift More Weight


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