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  1. Hey Wil! I am an Doctor of Physical therapy working my way through CWPC. The content so far is great and it is really going to help me in rehabbing my athletes. I work with the active adult population but primarily golfers and CrossFit athletes. I am based in Indianapolis so I am not to far away from your home base! I think we share a similar passion for movement and performing it correctly. It’s great to see material like your circulating that places high value on moving well rather than just moving more and task completion. I was curious if you would be open to some feedback on some things within the CWPC that could potentially increase your athletes output and further reduce risk of injury? These are things you are already doing really well. I can tell by how you coach your athletes and pay close attention to detail. But I think there is always something more to learn. I’m certainly learning a ton from you in the CWPC modules.

    Is feedback something you are open to? I would also love to come down to Bloomington and meet you personally and check out the space you train in. I looks pretty awesome in the videos from what I can see off to the sides!

    Look forward to hearing back from you!
    Dr. Chad

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